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Mr. Wilson comes back to expend the Conference

April 2016


TALLAHASSEE, Fla.- Tallahassee Southern Model United Nations (TSMUN) Board of Directors are excited to announce the Secretary General (SG) of 21st Annual conference: Truitt Wilson. Truitt will be joining the TSMUN Board of Directors a second year in a row as the SG of the conference, aiming to expend the oppurtunuties TSMUN offers and reach out to more High and Middle school students. “My main goal is to maintain the educational and professional quality of the conference while bringing new students in” said Truitt Wilson, while presenting his vision to the Board for the upcoming conference in Feburary 2017.  

Great success came from his first round as SG and we are looking forward to seeing the additional enhancements he adds in 2017.  Thank you Truitt for all your hard work and dedication to TSMUN and we are looking forward to another successful conference!

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