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The Olive Branch Network (OBN) was designed for alumni of the Tallahassee Community College Model United Nations (TCC MUN) program and partners involved in Tallahassee Southern Model United Nations (TSMUN), an annual skill building conference now in its 24th year designed for High School students across the south eastern United States. OBN's primary purpose is to fund raise in support of TSMUN and keep alumni and partners connected through professional and social networking. OBN is managed by the TSMUN Board of Directors. 

We are connecting...

  • to support the organizations that shaped our professional life;

  • to support each other today as we did years ago;

  • for a better world! 

What is TCC MUN?

TCC Model United Nations provides students with the opportunity to practice international affairs and diplomacy at the collegiate level. Students who join this organization learn real-world skills to apply to their college success and future careers. These skills include researching in-depth and complex themes, informational writing, public speaking, problem solving and, most importantly, communication.


TCC MUN is internationally and nationally ranked. Students attend conferences in the southeast region (Atlanta, GA and Gainesville, FL), as well as, an international conference in New York City and abroad (Germany). During these UN Mock simulations, students represent countries from around the world and debate real world topics to produce a resolution using diplomatic tactics and techniques. 

What is TSMUN?


TSMUN is a non-profit organization committed to providing career development opportunities for current and potential students at TCC. Its alumni, board members and officers provide sustainable leadership and strategic direction to support an annual conference and externships, as well as award two college scholarships each year. The conference strives to further the understanding of international affairs in middle and high school students. It attracts hundreds of students from schools throughout Florida and the southeast to build leadersip skills through competitive debate of global issues.


"Participating in Model U.N. has taught me valuable leadership skills that will help me be successful in college and beyond."


  • Hone Public Speaking Abilities

  • Practice the Art of Collaboration

  • Develop Strong Research Ethics

  • Learn Project Management

  • Improve Writing Skills

Get Involved.

You do not have to be a graduate of TCC or a past participant of TCC MUN or TSMUN to support the work we do. Here's ways you can give:

  • Make a Donation

  • Provide an In-Kind Contribution

  • Sponsor a Speaker

  • Sponsor a Team of Delegates

  • Volunteer

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