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Mr. Tallahassee Community College Students Earn an Unprecendented Five Awards at International Conference at the United Nations

April 2017


TALLAHASSEE, Fla.- Sixteen students from Tallahassee Community College attended the National Model United Nations (NMUN) in New York City.  The NMUN, is the oldest and largest intercollegiate Model United Nations conference in the world.  Over 5,800 students from 44 countries convened in New York to participate in the simulation that was from April 9th.  to the 15th. The students, representing the United Nations delegation from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, debated in UN chambers and heard from such speakers as H.E. Mr. Peter Thomson, President of the United Nations General Assembly. This year, the TCC team partnered with four students from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Nicaragua. The Nicaraguan students and their professor were given a full scholarship to travel to NYC and attend the Model UN Conference by the National Model United Nations. Their trip, visas, and research were coordinated through TCC. Each Nicaraguan student was partnered was a TCC student, and worked together via skype or email for over eight months.



“The NMUN is an excellent opportunity for college students to come together and discuss important issues facing the international community,” said Michael Eaton, Executive Director of the Board of Director for the conference.  “As the most accurate simulation of the United Nations, the NMUN also gives students a sense of the obstacles diplomats face when addressing international crises.”


The Delegation from T.C.C. earned an Honorable Delegation Award for the entire team. Awards are given for the level of research knowledge, quality of papers submitted prior to the conference, and speaking ability. The team earned three Position Paper Awards, which are based solely on their research presented prior to going to the conference.  The students also earned a Best Delegation in Committee Award, which is awarded by their peers. The students from T.C.C. surpassed Universities from around the world such as the London School of Economics, McGill University, and the University of Hohenheim. The students from T.C.C. are not only distinct in that they are from a two year college; they set themselves apart in that their participation is completely voluntary. While most students do their research and practice as part of a college course, T.C.C. students do this completely on their own time, receiving no college credit.  This year, the team was led by their president, John Griffin, and vice president, Nicholas Spaunburgh. The team’s faculty advisors are Dr. Thomas Waller and Dr. Richard Murgo. Students interested in participating in the T.C.C. Model United Nations for next year should contact  Membership is open to all T.C.C. students.

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